And we wonder where these disease came from.

Don't worry, videos are not graphic.

Woman has relations with dog, husband castrates dog.

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Now I can understand why it is written each is to stay with it own kind some are sicker than others. It is amazing how there is a name for everything and it is talked about like it is OK and acceptable. Some things should have remained on the Caucasus mountains Good post!
Get the hell outta here!!!!!

Look at the women. I feel more sorry for the damn dog!!!!

Stanky Heifers!! Just Nasty.

Low Life digusting individuals and they need to be committed and thrown in the damn dungeon.
What is the purpose of your discussion?
Do you have a problem with the discussion?

Conspiracy, Controversy & Hidden Knowledge.

Controversy - The term originates circa 1384 from Latin controversia, as a composite of controversus.

contra - "against" - and vertere - to turn, or versus, hence, "to turn against."

"What is the purpose of your discussion?"

I am against Beastality. Many people are unaware of the fact that Beastality is practiced a lot in rural areas.

The Kinsey reports controversially rated the percentage of people who had sexual interaction with animals at some point in their lives as 8% for men and 3.6% for women, and claimed it was 40–50 percent in people living near farms

Source: D. Richard Laws and William T. O'Donohue: Sexual Deviance, page 391. Guilford Press, 2008. ISBN 9781593856052
I could have sworn it was shock and
@KT... I had to watch this again with a fresh mind, and what is more disturbing to me is how these people are up on there talking about raping animals as if they are talking about brushing their teeth(if they do)!! When that woman was talking about raping that horse in the barn when she was on her first date with her animal raping boyfriend, when she said " I dont know what happene, next thing I knew, my pants were off..." After that I was OUTdone OK!!! I just hope they dont ever procreate!!
@ George...that too ;-)

Yeah I would hate to see what their children would come out doing.

The group is called Conspiracy, CONTROVERSEY, and hidden knowledge. Anything controversial is far game and this is definitely controversial and hidden knowledge.
Where the hell is PETA when you need them??!! Sick, Sick, Sick!! Doesnt one of those women in the kitchen look like a fat Sarah Palin?? *lmao* Those b****** are good and crazy!!
U KRAZY MzWilliams!!! LOL
This is not a surprise. Correct me if I am wrong but didn't Christopher Columbus and his lot have sex wth animals? Or was it the pilgrims? I thought that is where syphillis originated from?
@Ms. B

You are correct syphilis came about from Humans having sexual relations with dogs.... Wasn't there even one crazy European queen who was "in love" with her house and would have relations with the horse?...I believe they were trying to blame it on some mental illness.

I have also read stories about farmers making the mistake to try and "mess" with sheep. The big problem is the anatomy of the female sheep which will not release the penis until ejaculation has occurred to ensure she becomes pregnant.......try walking into a hospital and explaining how you got your penis stuck in a sheep! :-(



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