I have discovered that Fema has several locations where they are storing these Body coffins across the United States and right here in Ga. The newest location is in Covington Ga. Wow and the Concentration Camps is one of the most shocking things you will witness check it out.

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i cant open any of your attachments.
If you scroll to the bottom and click on any link it will open. Try watch first.

We've had this posted for a while (because those containers have been there a while). Many argue that they are coffin liners reserved for aging and newly deceased vets. And that the number isn't 500,000, but closer to 100,000.

Somewhere (that I can't remember) I found a reasonable explanation for them, so I took the videos down. But you never know.

This link will help give you some insight of their reason for so many "coffin liners" from Veteran Affairs National Cemetery Administration - CLICK LINK



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