When a Woman says she's "saved", the first thing that comes to my heathen mind is how much of a freak is she in bed? I've heard the stories about the "church girls". The word Freak could have many meanings so I hope no one gets offended. It's only measured by the company you keep so if your mate is moderate, you'll probably be moderate too because you don't want to scare the hell out of that person. Establishing "freakdum" should be a prerequisite to dating because surprises in the bedroom are not cute.

We all know there are a lot of freaky Preachers so they don't count! I'm talking about the congregation

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Anyone who is a Christian what you do in the comfort of your home being a "FREAK" is your pleasure and your business !!!
I love this phrase, ". Establishing "freakdum" should be a prerequisite to dating because surprises in the bedroom are not cute", Being a Christian is a notable calling, however, my fellow Christians, should not forget that God made humans to be the only species that has sexual intercourse for procreation and pleasure. To cast down disparaging views on others sexual habits, done in the confines of their homes or other locals, is counter-productive, in fact, if more Christians were home freaking their mates they would not be worried about them freaking with somebody else (this includes the pastors), as I have seen my share of freaky pastors and their "playthings" on the front row. The word speaks of you giving unto your mate, so let us stop holding back and give OFTEN
Totally agree Khari J. I consider myself a pretty decent Christian woman, and I believe that most people who know me will attest that I do try to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. But, I will admit (so I've been told... ;-) that I've got it goin' on in that "freakdum" category. I know how to tone it down, and I know how and when to crank it up. I said that, to say this, I will not give my husband any excuses to go out and find what he needs to be satisfied because he's already got it at home. If he goes, it won't be because anything is lacking in that area. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being a freak as long as you keep it in your own bedroom, with "your own" companion. So, I'm a Freaky Christian. Yeah, I said it! LOL
BRAVO, Ms. Tee!!!!!
Sis leave it to you to come up with a doozy like this...I believe a saved woman who is married can be as freaky as she and her husband wants to be, she needs to please her man and visa versa so there is no room for satan to creep into their marriage. Sexually satisfied couples don't often stray. I'm Baaaaaacck!
LOL...AMEN Marvin !!!!!!
I don't understand how religion should determine what you do sexually with your mate behind close doors? And am I a "Freaky christian"? You damn skippy
Awww, GOD is smiling as he loos upon the truthful and honest Christians who admit their love of one of his greatest gifts to us



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