Hi Fitness Family, I read an interesting article concerning the health benefits of ACV. Can anyone elaborate on it's use and benefits and if so what's the best brand to purchase. Thanks

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Very good for Acid Reflux Disease it helps kill the bacteria that is one of the causes of acid reflux.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is golden liquid concentrated with the healthy goodness of apples. It contains more than 30 important nutrients, 12 minerals, over 6 vitamins, essential acids and several enzymes. Moreover, it has a large dose of pectin for a healthy heart, and thus, healthy as a whole. 

ACV is cheap, easy to use and it really benefits our health in numerous ways. ACV can benefit both people and their pets. It is antibacterial and anti-fungal and gives the immune system a good boost. As a high potassium electrolyte balancer, it remineralizes the body and helps normalize the blood’s alkaline acid balance. 

ACV is proving most beneficial to people or animals with arthritis because it breaks down calcium deposits in the joints while remineralizing the bones. It has proven to be equally beneficial to dogs with hip dysplasia. 

ACV is a good remedy for food poisoning and helpful in digestive upsets. It is also effective for urinary tract infections and it lowers high blood pressure. In fact, daily use of ACV eliminates tear stains around the eyes and nose of pets with white or light-colored fur. For those on diuretics, it is helpful in replacing potassium depletion. 

ACV is the natural king of skin remedies. It is wonderful for itching and scratching pets as well as a superb skin and hair conditioner. Good old apple cider vinegar either straight or diluted 50/50 with water can be applied directly to the affected area and allowed to dry. It will eliminate dandruff, rejuvenate hair, skin and help sweeten and balance the pH levels in the body. When giving your pet a bath, shampoo, rinse, then apply ACV either straight or diluted, followed by rinsing with water. Notice, any residue shampoo will be washed out and you will feel and see an increased softness and sheen to the coat. It can be followed with a conditioner of your choice. Taken internally will help the body against arthritis, itching, obesity, bad odor, dry skin, joint problems, lack luster hair and weak immune system. Average dosage for a dog or person is 1/2 oz morning and 1/2 oz. evening. A cat is half that dose. Can be diluted fifty fifty with water, dripped on food. Finicky pets try tiny doses then work up to suggested amount. 

For centuries, people have recognized ACV's health benefits to fight infection, promote digestion, and even in fighting osteoporosis. So when you eat that salad with the cider vinegar and oil dressing, you’re reaping large health benefits as well as good taste! 

Perhaps the most sought after benefit of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR is the quick, easyWEIGHT LOSS it helps promote. Since it naturally helps your body get rid of excess fluids, helps speed up a slow metabolism and helps to "curb" your appetite. An age old product has been "re-discovered" and is now being used by millions to aid them in their weight loss endeavors. This liquid is highly absorbable so it starts working on you very quickly. You will be on your way to looking and feeling younger.


I have acid reflux and heart diease how do I take this. Plus need loose weight and Im pre-diabetic. Can give any advice I love vinegar any way.
Thanks Dr. Ramon, I'll be purchasing my first bottle at the organic grocery store tomorrow.
This is a wonderful discussion segment.  Did not realize the many uses of this product, though have heard those "wiser" in my family discuss the things they used to treat various medical and dental challenges growing up and how there were very few pills in the medicine cabinet, unlike today.  Thank you for the input, perhaps we need to go back to the basics when it comes to health.  When I think of the many people who lived to be centenarions, some consumed limited pharmaceuticals, many which have numerous side effects.  It is good to know more of the natural forms of treatments alongside the chemical forms of treatments when it comes to health and costs, though generics are options to the other pharmaceuticals these days, why not also add another option/alternative/recommendation, natural herbs, organics and the like discussed here.

Im tring to loss weight, so far i have loss 25lbs sence March 15. I have changed the way I think, eat, I walk 4mils a day, 250 situps 4 days a week, and zumba 5 days a week. Thank You for the information i can use it. If you know any thing i can do to get to my goal let me know. My biggest problem is my tummy. I went to see a Cosmetic Surgern today for a abdominoplasty/tummy tuck . The consultion was $100. and the surger will cost $7000. Maybe i should wait to see wait to see how ASV  works.  But please let me know what you think.

Hello Audra

I hope this information will help you.

Lemon is good for burning off stomach fat.  Lemon by their vary composition are antitoxic so when the juice of a lemon is mixed with water and taken internally, an amazing cleansing action begins. When ingested in conjunction with dieting will flush, dissolve and eliminate all type of fatty and poisonous tissue from the body.  The action of the lemon juice will help dispel the fat from your body at an alarming rate when a sensible diet followed.


Disease such as sinus, flu, colds, which are all mucus diseases are expelled from the system quite rapidly. Fat will melt away each day when lemon juice is taken faithfully, it will purify the blood and remove boils, abscesses and pimples almost right before your very eyes.


Deposits that cause bursitis, arthritis, etc. In the joints and muscles are dissolved and relief is enjoyed in a day or two, Cholesterol and triglycerides are washed from the arteries and blood by the acidic cleansing action of lemon juice allowing the blood to flow freely and thus prolonging life.


Lemon are antiseptic and prevent putrefaction they are also a stimulant to the liver, if you are troubled by gout, lemons will remove uric acid and relieve you instantly.  The brain and the nerve cells are nourished from the potassium in lemons.


Sore throats can be relieved by gargling with half a lemon squeezed in to half a glass of water, or use full strength. Lemons dissolve and eliminate toxins, cleanses the kidneys, facilitate bowel movements, and build a healthy blood stream lemon juice and water dissipates heart burn.

Lemons can be used to cleanse the skin and hair.                           

Those over forty will benefit also, by reduced chances of getting heart disease.

You also, type  into the search engine food that burn off belly fat.

You can try this site call earthclinic.com. I use this web site for various health information.

Thanks Na .

Now do i do ACV and Lemon at the same time or do i use ACV one day and lemon the other, and how often  do i do this?


You are welcome Audra.

You can drink the warm water and lemon in the morning for a week or two then do the ACV the following week. You can also check the web site I mention in my earlier comment.

Thanks i will start in the morning.

Thanks ATM. Great discussion.  I'm with you.  I think I have some in my pantry.  If not you might see me at the store with you tomorrow.  I'm drinking it and will give some to my two dogs, who both have hip problems.



No problem LadyA, I just got home with my first jug. I can't wait to feel the benefits. Knowledge is power and sharing that knowledge is what it's all about. Get it in. :-)

Thanks Na John for the support and confirmation.:-)



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