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Comment by Theresa Goldman on November 15, 2014 at 1:51am

WOW! This one is so cool! You can easily earn up to $100-A-DAY advertising this on free classified sites like Back Pages or Facebook.

This is a cool business-in-a-box! They provide you with some sample ads and a list of places to post your ads...including forums!

No Offers To Do!
Not MLM!
No Monthly Fees!
Instant Commissions!
100% Money Back Guarantee!

Must Have PayPal!

Comment by Theresa Goldman on September 14, 2014 at 2:58pm

Get Paid To Wear T-Shirts! Start Earning TODAY!

Check out this FUN & SIMPLE way to earn some weekly CA$H!!! Wear 4 PAY is actually paying folks to wear their T-Shirts! Yes...get paid to wear a T-Shirt...just like the one below! Hurry...they are running a special till the end of September!

Don't like to talk to people? Can't recruit? The shirt does all the talking for you...then when someone inquires about just hand them a simple invitation to go to the site! BAAMMM! They sign get paid!

This is perfect for anyone and everyone! Especially those of you that have college students that currently have to work a job while attending school! They could be earning money...just for wearing this T-Shirt!

Go to
Referral Name: Theresa 
Referral Code: 6179

If you have any questions, you can message me here on CM or email me at! Message me if you join! I'd love to connect with you and add you to our FB support group!

Comment by Theresa Goldman on August 17, 2014 at 2:47pm

Looking for Entrepreneurs Who Want To Make Some SERIOUS Money! Are You Ready To Change Your Financial Future...Possibly Overnight?


Here's what you need to know:  our product is software and the onetime fee to purchase this software is $230.  Once you make your product purchase, you can earn $240 onetime OR you can put your $230 back in to keep earning you $10 over and over again!  That can surely add up as you could be cycling several times a week or possibly several times a day!

If you sell this software package to just one other increase your earnings to $500!  You can take the $500 and be done, OR you can put $230 back in and earn $500 over and over again....profit of $270 going into your account each time as you keep your cycling!

If you sell this software package to two other increase your earnings to $2,200 over and over can take the $2,200 and leave this amazing program OR you can put $230 back in and keep earning $2,200 over and over with $1,970 going into your account each time...OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

So you see...with this program everyone earns, whether you can refer others or not!


Race Cycler is definitely a game changer and many people are gearing up for an amazing launch on Mon or Tues of this coming week.

Don't miss out because you are not informed or misinformed. Get all the details so you can make a quality decision that could change your life.

30 Minute RC Recorded call 

530-881-1399 Pin: 468415# 

Daily presentation calls.

Next call is at 11AM Eastern. Calls happening nightly and will continue on the same schedule listed below until our relaunch!

11 AM, 1 PM, 3,PM, 5PM, 7 PM, (9pm Kent's call) 11PM,1AM and 3AM Eastern

Call 530-881-1300
Pin: 468415#

Call me at 404-281-6179 if you would like to join (leave a message if I don't answer) or email me at!

Comment by Theresa Goldman on January 11, 2014 at 2:14am

This FREE To Join Program Can Earn You BIG $$$$

Happy New Years Everyone!  Here is a website that has helped me generate some of the easiest money I've ever made online!  There is no reason why you can't be earning lots of $$$ by sharing thisFREE program with all of your online friends!

How To Earn Money

The Enviralizer is a new  to join site that has a few programs that allow you to money!!!  The main program is to simply  once a day and share the posts that are added to the website through the Social Media Buttons at the bottom of each one. You receive 25 cents for each time you share a post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Stumbleupon, but you are only paid once for each post you share.

Another program is the Book Review program. They provide you with books to read and review. Some of the books are very small, and you  $3 for each one you read and review. Others are full-length novels or non-fiction books, and they pay $10-12 each.

They also planning other programs, such as reviewing and promoting music or videos, and will notify everyone when they begin.

YOU CAN EARN LOTS OF MONEY BY REFERRING OTHERS TO JOIN!!!  Just go here to - (pease put Theresa Goldman as your sponsor) once you are done, find your referral link under the "affiliate area", send your referral link to friends and family who might want to earn some extra cash, or you can post it on websites, free classified sites and other places. YOU EARN $5 FOR EACH PERSON THAT SIGNS UP USING YOUR REFERRAL LINK!  

You can rack up money pretty quickly, if you  diligently each day and share the projects and share your referral link! So , then start browsing and sharing now, and don’t forget to invite all your friends!

We are paid every 2 weeks via Paypal.  The next pay cut off is January 16th so get in now and see how much you can earn between now and the will get paid on January 24th, 2014 and every 2 weeks there after (they also offer a once a month payment option if you want to just let your payment build).

Please  me at if you decide to join so I can make sure I receive my $5 referral bonus.  I'll be glad to share the new flyers I've created and also any ads that I have out that are helping me to earn more $$.

Also...once you have signed up on the sure to add me as a friend and send me a message that you joined cause you saw my post here in Mingle City!

I'm really looking forward to all of us earning some good $$$ from this new site!



Comment by Theresa Goldman on July 2, 2013 at 2:26pm

Revolutionary Payplan!
Real daily step by step training.
A 30 day course that anyone can follow to be successful. 
True duplicating process.

Kinda says it all, doesn't it?
Watch the movie, buy the course ($50 one time - no monthly fee) and let's change
our lives and the lives of many others.  (There's a phase 2 "Millionaire Matrix" as well)

This is so simple Folks, anyone with a desire can do this.
Great teambuild for those of you that have large groups.  Put money quickly into your people's pockets.

Go Quick!  We just officially launched yesterday! 

We are going to work hard to make this happen in 30 days.  Don't Wait!!.  Nothing to loose - 100% Guarantee!
530 881-1000   164185#  

There will be blitz calls today (July 2nd) at 4 & 8pm EDT

Contact me @ for more info!  Once I have my 5 I am helping all members to get their 5...we work as a team!
Comment by Theresa Goldman on June 21, 2012 at 10:42pm
Me? I'm all about that right now money...that is always welcome. But what about a year from now? What about growing your money to a huge daily amount just for posting ONE LITTLE FREE CLASSIFIED AD EVERY DAY? 

It doesn't get much easier than this! ZeekRewards should not be taken lightly nor should it be ignored. If you are looking for that plan B to help you finally escape from that JOB...if you want something you can sink your teeth into and have it really produce for you in the long run...then you should really give ZeekRewards a serious look.

Albert Einstein said..."Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t , pays it… "

If you haven't read the story of the penny doubled every day for 31 days...see it here... Very powerful stuff and that's exactly what I have in Zeeks every time I reinvest 100% back into my business each day!

ZEEKREWARDS has the power to change your life! Will you let it?
Comment by Theresa Goldman on May 5, 2012 at 3:12pm


Who would like to earn over $300K in just 15 short weeks by paying it forward for 4 people at the cost of only $7.50 with 100% commissions on all of your referrals (except for referrals #2 & #4 cause they are passed up to your sponsor)?

Wealth2Xtreme is absolutely AMAZING and at only $5 ($2.50 processing fee) and the ability to PIF your way to success...W2X is going to make a lot of people wealthy this year!

If you want to be one of those people then inbox me for more details. I have an amazing PIF calculator to share with those that join will see just how easy it is to earn over $300K in 15 weeks by paying it forward for just 4 people.

Comment by Theresa Goldman on May 3, 2012 at 11:03pm

Wealth2Xtreme (W2X) is going to be HUGE! Only $7.50 to join! 

With Wealth2Xtreme - You Can Earn $20,475 With Just ONE Referral! 

W2X uses a 2 up system! Imagine What You Could Earn With A Handful Of Referrals?

There's even a PIF tab where you Can PIF in your direct referrals
And with 100% sales commissions you get back that $5 on your 1st, 3rd, 5th and all other referrals!

Start With Just $5 Out-Of-Pocket! Earn 100% Commissions! 

When Your First Referral Purchases A $5 Advertising Package, YOU Earn $5 And Break Even! 

Everything From Here On Out Is Pure PROFIT! 

Check it out here and inbox me if you want me to PIF you in!

Comment by Theresa Goldman on March 10, 2012 at 10:27pm



I have a home business that will work for  you!  And you don't have to sponsor if you don't want to!  I will build the business directly under you...causing you to cycle!

Not only will I build under you...I will give you 1 personal referral so that you can earn $45 everytime that referral earns $45!



NO SPONSORING REQUIRED!! (100% matching bonuses on your personal referrals if you do choose to sponsor - you earn when they earn!)

It doesn't get any easier than this!  Sign up, pay your $45, sponsor or don't sponsor...I will build under you and YOU WILL EARN MONEY!

If this sounds interesting to you then please email me at: for more info!

Here's to our success!

Theresa Goldman

Comment by Theresa Goldman on November 19, 2010 at 12:57am
Real Biz Op With Real Results! We Work Together To Build Our Teams! Take A Look Inside!

I'm looking for serious minded individuals who don't want to be the norm. Meaning you are sick and tired of being tired and broke!

This biz op requires an investment of $200 which is used towards the purchase of a $200 prepaid grocery receipt worth $200 in groceries for you and your family so you really don't loose anything!

How would you like to totally eliminate your grocery and gasoline bills and GET PAID doing it?

How would you like to shop at Walmart and Sams Club for free and GET PAID doing it?

Everyone says YES because...
Everyone eats...
Everyone drives...
Everyone needs money!!

This business is growing huge and everyone is coming on board cause it just makes sense.

If $200 is an obstacle for you I can show you how you can join a free program that can have you generating $$ within 24-72 hours so no worries!

Take a look inside and join one of the fastest growing teams in the company!

We are working together for the success of all!

Go here to check out the site

Be sure to contact me before joining because I want to place you on the team as I am helping my members to build and earn money. If you join I will do the same for you!

Your Partner In Success,
Theresa Goldman

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