I have always heard that Aries men have a tendency to bore easily...So do Aries women but we handle it in different ways...

Anyway, can an Aries man be faithful to their partner? What is the success rate of this?

Both men and women share your experience with this...

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That was going to be my answer (Maurice's answer). I've never dated an Aries man (the images of two rams butting heads on the side of a mountain come to mind whenever I thought of doing such a thing), but I know, like Aries women...we need for someone to engage us and keep us interested. I would imagine it woul dbe the same thing for an Aries man...he has to be stimulated by his woman to keep him interested. I think (sorry fellas), the biggest hurdle to a man's faithfulness (or the lack thereof) has little to do with their zodiac and more to do with their gender. Men, in general, bore easily...so I think this would just mean an Aries man would be doubly hard to keep occupied.
Thanks all of you...I see what you're saying.
would u happen to have 1.st hand experience in this area or the expectise to judge or was that your accessment of
your experience with an ARIAN MAN.(curious)!
I have dated a ram. When It works It is hot and jumping When they love they do love hard. There are many Aries men who can be faithful until you two become separated. Aries men love to have someone to come home to. They are not great with being single. When we disagree we butt heads and an Aries know when to let It go. When It Is over It is over. We can become friends.I have dated many signs that I will not say. Most of them love being at home and need to have someone home when they come home. Aries woman bounce back fast on their feet. We can be In love and never have you. Can't explain It only those who know what i am talking about can understand It. We have a way of attracting forbidden fruit. This Aries i am always have been a magnet for married men. Deep forbidden fruit. I would never cause another person to stumble. I love and never have. Go figure that one.............
u go girl ms mz.jubilee u somed it up quite well u sound like u have been there we do love hard and we don't like being alone,damn u are good.i am bored only when i am lonely,or with out some one,when she is with me
there is nothin that can separate us.
I married a water sign at first the sex was great and worth it. For some reason it started to fade. But now at the age 50 and 24 years the fire is still there. Yes we get bored fast but, your partner must be told how you feel. You don't have to out and find someone else. Find something new that will work for the two of you. It's hard just being with the one but if you work at it, it's worth the pay off (FUN)!!!

I'm in a relationship with an Aries man I think he is not fully faithful, he loves to chat to women in Facebook and skype and he always says that's only for the music because he is a musician and we argue about this every time then oneday we have a terrible heated fight one time in an instant find a girlfriend in Skype and video chat while I'm listening it hurts but we agree to patch things up and still together.



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