What Makes a Good wife!


What Makes a Good wife!

What are the things that makes a good wife with so many issues in marriage.

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Is this you !

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Am I Failing As A Wife? 8 Replies

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Comment by Big Ben on September 12, 2009 at 4:15am
You can’t assume people know things unless you tell them yourself
I’ve had many women ask me, if men really know what they want
Yes we do, but when we tell you what we want you don’t listen
You hear what you want and then make up your own interpretation
So if you are a single woman, listen to these words very carefully
Because trust me, this is applies to every real Man on the planet.
Don’t’ get real men confused with boys who call themselves men
A real man works hard, respects women and takes care of his kids
Ladies before you get offended by any of this ask a married woman
...........What every real man wants..........
A strong willed woman who doesn’t fold under pressure
A domestic woman who will cook a hot meal occasionally
A clean woman who will help to keep a nice and tidy home
A freaky woman who will try to satisfy his sexual appetite
A loyal woman who never opens her legs for another man
A honest woman who won’t manipulate or deceive her man
A smart woman who is intelligent as well as street educated
A conscious woman who can hang in a deep conversation
A confident woman who has a good self-esteem on her own
A balanced woman who has a healthy mind body and spirit
A focused woman who knows what she wants to accomplish
A complete woman who has taken the time out to know herself
A responsible woman who can financially support her lifestyle
A feminine woman who can turn his bachelor’s pad into a home
A patient woman who accepts that she won’t always understand
A tolerant woman who gives him space to work it out on his own
A trustworthy woman who he can confide his deepest secrets
A faithful woman who will be there for him in his darkest hours
A merciful woman who works to forgive him when he messes up
A supportive woman who will encourage him when he struggles
A powerful woman who can hold the family up if he falls down
A complementary woman who helps him to maximize his potential
A grateful woman who appreciates the good that is within him
A nurturing woman who feeds his ego and supports his dreams
A healthy woman who tries to keep herself attractive and sexy
A grown ass woman who won’t take any b******* from anybody
A spiritual woman who keeps God first and family second
A timeless woman who will grow in love, knowledge and faith
A beautiful woman with thick hips, round breast and juicy lips

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