Over 50 and tired of being alone, but refusing to settle for just anyone.

Looking to meet a "Real Man"

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sorry i haven't hit the big 50 yet.............
Why did you haf ta comment just to say that?
But I will, in 2009, a I also refuse to settle for just for the sake of saying that I got a man, I have standards that a man must meet to be with me...........If he doesn't meet those standards then I dont waste my time getting to him. If they are NOT in him before we meet, then I can't and won't mold him into the man I want.
I'm 49 and will never settle for less than I feel I deserve in a partner. A man doesn't complete me, but he should compliment the good in me and I, in him. I've been divorced for 24yrs, with not one regret. There are still good men out there. In the mean time, I surround myself with good friends, family, my pets and of course I enjoy my own company and making my own happiness.
The colors are sooooo bright. lol
Good for you Debra, we all need to stop settling. Now about you being 50 and tired of being alone, that'll change because it has nothing to do with your age. Live it up, and wait it out. Good Luck Debra..........

From your lips to my ears,
Dade Diamond Diva
I am also close to age 50. Just relocated to a new city. Sometimes I feel lonely because I have not met any new or interesting men yet. I refuse to settle for just any man for the sake of saying I have one. But one day I know I will be blessed so until then I enjoy ME!!!!
I agree with Susie. I used to be with a no good boyfriend, until I decided I could do bad all by myself. I threw him out. And sure nuf, I started taken care of myself better, and doing things for me. Now, I look and feel so much better. But, as soon as I find Mr Right, I will hook-up with him. It your life. You pick who want. Meantime, Look, learn, live, and have fun.
I am 50 and I am happy,but I will never be one to say I don't want a man> However ,with age also comes wisdom. You learn from past mistakes that settling will only make you miserable.I have had some pretty miserable relationships by making the choices to settle. I was younger then and sometimes when you are young, you tend to fall in love for all the wrong reasons. Maybe because "he is fine" or "he is banking" or maybe even " he is good in bed".But the ultimate truth is that all those reasons still did not make you happy because you didn't do your research.You settled! You didn't see past the physical and understand the real deal. Was he patient,was he understanding, did he cherish you as a woman and cherish your love for him, did he respect you always,was he always striving to make things better for you and himself and did he show you that he loved you and was he always willing to please his woman and put her first. This can go both ways for both men and women. you have to do your research and feel out the person to make sure they are right for you.I am 50 and fabulous! and I don't need a man to complete me,but I want a man to ride with me in the front seat,and enjpy life with me and together we can make this happen. No one is perfect! and no man will be 100% of what our standards are,but he has to meet the most important standards that we have. You have to work at any relationship. Don't settle,but don't have your expectations and standards so high that no man will even want to be bothered with you. Choose a man that you feel can make you happy. Spend time with him and get to know the person within.Pray about it! If he is right for you,then you will know deep inside,if there is any doubt then don't settle! Keep it moving......
Preach it Jacqueline. " I don't need a man to complete me,but I want a man to ride with me in the front seat,and enjpy life with me and together we can make this happen." Amen Sista.
I was so EXCITED to turn 50, 3 years ago! It didn't have anything to do with a significant other. I felt as if, I'd come into knowing me, for the 1st time! What I wanted versus what society dictated for me and my life.

The road to happiness for me does not necessitate a man being a part of my life, although it could be nice, but it also could interfere with my work, which takes up a GREAT DEAL of time.

I don't know if I'm ready for the drama of not just being involved with THE MAN, but ALL HIS EX's, GROWN CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN and in some cases GREAT GRANDS, that's a lot of energy!

For now, I can truly say I'm Single and Satisfied, even if I weren't I definitely wouldn't settle.

Sometimes when you stop looking, you get found



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