Hispanic and Women Farmers Get Paid Now ... Black Farmers Told "You Must Wait"

Yea, here we go again more of the same ole same ole. Whats interesting is how this affair with the women and hispanics are being handled as a class action where as the courts did not view it as such. Giving away what was meant for mostly Black Farmers/Black People is a age old tactic I have seen performed numerous times in the pass. Wonder why only about 4 million blacks came out to vote during the midterms? Well it is back stabbing ordeals like this thats all too common. I still stand by my saying that Blacks are damm fools to give their votes away without demands. Now you know.



BFAA, Inc President meets with
USDA Secretary
USDA Planning to Paying Both Hispanic and Women Farmers
On Thursday, November 4, 2010, the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, invited Thomas Burrell, President of BFAA, Inc to meet with him and members of his staff regarding USDA’ s plans to pay Hispanic and women farmers out of the “Judgement Fund” (31 U.S.C. Section 1304 (no cap)). The Hispanic lawsuit is styled Garcia v. Vilsack and the women’s lawsuit is styled.  Love v. Vilsack. On October 19, 2010, the Obama Administration announced plans to pay Native American farmers (Keepseagle v. Vilsack) 760 Million Dollars for discrimination against them by USDA  from the Judgement Fund.“My administration also continues to work towards a resolution of the claims made by women and Hispanic farmers against the USDA,” said president Obama as  quoted by Jerry Hagstrom of  AGWEEK[1].

 Stephen Hill, the lead lawyer in the Garcia case, said in a release that the Hispanic plaintiffs, “look forward to a speedy and just settlement of our identical claim, a fact that the government has readily acknowledged–AGWEEK.”

Marc Fleischaker, a lawyer for the women farmers in the Love case, said that the Keepseagle settlement was “reasonable,” but noted that the number of potential women farmer claimants could be much larger than either the Native American or Hispanic farmers. Fleischaker said that the women plaintiffs are in discussion and negotiation with the Justice Department and are, “hopeful of a mutually agreed settlement, not an imposed settlement.”— AGWEEK.

The Obama Administration maintains that, unlike the Black farmers lawsuit, “it can” pay these three groups without getting congressional approval.

However, “it can’t” pay Black Farmers  (Pigford v. Vilsack) and their heirs without congressional approval, Vilsack told Burrell.

What is particularly interesting about the Garcia and Love lawsuits is the fact that the United States Court of Appeals (DC) denied class action status to these two groups on April 24, 2009.
On January 19, 2010,  the U.S. Supreme Court also denied these same groups a petition  for a writ of certiorari (refused to hear their arguments) and told the Obama administration that “it does not have to pay them.” 
So, this Blogger got his answer to the question asked in his last post, “who the heck is next?” 
And now we know–this is what “multi-culturalism and diversity” has produced for the Black community[2]: unobstructed and readily available Reparations for Native Americans, Hispanics and White women: and congressional approval necessary for Reparations to African Americans– “way to go Black Caucus and NAACP.”

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Well, Shirley Sherrod was specifically working on the approx. 4 billion dollars owed to black and native american farmers, but ya know, she was fired by the Obama administration and never offered her job back because she was lied on.
@Mac Hill. Yea. The Devil lies in the details ... right?
Yeah, the devil never left the white house. lol
unlike the Black farmers lawsuit, “it can” pay these three groups without getting congressional approval -this is yet another slap in the face...much like that bullshyt azz apology Blacks got last year. It shocks me that out of all the Black people on this site there are so few who really understand that the deck is stacked against us. I'm infuriated that we have some colored folk on here that keep acting like since they done got their 40 acres and a mule they cannot understand why all the other coloreds haven't done the same. PLEASE COME DOWN OFF THE PORCH! The very division you complain about is the division that you are a part of! I've been saying for the last year or so that the Hispanics would pass us and now it looks like that is the reality. The wheels are in motion. I'mma go put me some money on my bus pass and get prepared to sit my azz in the back again.
@Yolanda. Only a few Sistas understand it like yourself. Ain't go to worry bout you wearing orange hair or blonde hair and sporting some booty shorts. I'mm proud of you and your family.
I've been saying for the last year or so that the Hispanics would pass us and now it looks like that is the reality.

Shiiiit, you aint seen NOTHING yet. Trust me!

Sincerely, a native Southern Californian surrounded by Mexicans. lol
This is what happens when we don't work together as a unit. How many have signed a petition for the black farmers?
How many even knew of the black farmers lawsuit before President Obama got into office?
We make it so much harder for our ownselves when we misplace the real blame and focus of what we should be doing.
Yes the NAACP is going to watch over their interest just like the Black caucus and just like these Hispanics are sticking together but when are we going to get our house and act in line or order to help us? We can sit here and blame or decry our disdain for the government or anyone but in the end if you haven't aided or tried to help it is futile and doesn't do one damn thing. President Obama is rich and the members of the Black Caucus never have to work again probably if they choose to do that!
We will still have problems with a Black Caucus, NAACP, President Obama or whoever else so still it is on us and up to us to get together and get things done and not depend on one or two people or organizations!

Now I am not apologizing or blame shifting so with that said I do think it is bad that Black farmers have not been paid ahead of this!

The problem is what are we as a people going to do about it other than letting the black farmers go at it alone?
Should we start a petition for them?
@Mr. Em. Hell yes we should start a Petition and anything else we need to do. I have always said we need the money. All that other stuff can be shoved under the bus. Man this is really whack and NOTICE I HAVE"NT SAID NOTHING NEGATIVE ABOUR PRESIDENT OBAMA.
Late Friday afternoon, the U.S. Senate approved funding to compensate tens of thousands of black farmers in the South who were discriminated against by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. WFAE's Julie Rose reports the settlement is nearly $1.2 billion.

@Can U Dig it. I have heard that the money to pay for the settlement will come from the WIC Program. Remember the Senate said they wanted to find a way to fund the settlement without occuring any added cost to the budget.
I have heard that the money to pay for the settlement will come from the WIC Program.

It did. Or at least a portion of it.

Senate Approves Pigford Funding ... With a Hitch 11-17-2010

Today, after no fewer than seven previous votes, the Senate approved funding for the remaining claimants in the Pigford settlement. This measure provides the remaining $1.15 billion necessary to resolve the so-called Pigford II claims. The measure passed with some key additions. First, $3.4 billion of funding was approved to compensate Native Americans in their lawsuit against the Department of the Interior for mishandling their lands held in trust. We applaud this resolution and suggest that it is probably insufficient.

However, we caution against drawing the conclusion that this matter is resolved, as the entire bill needs to go back to the House for approval. Remember that the House approved the Pigford portion of this back around last March. No telling what will happen now. Further, we strongly disapprove of the use of surplus funding from WIC to help offset the total package. How in the word, we wonder, can WIC have a nearly $570 million surplus in these times? If folks who need food assistance have been bureaucratically removed from the roles to create a surplus, we are outraged. Like so many things in Washington, the devil is in the details and the details are anything but clear. We applaud the overall settlement, but like many of our Mamas said, "Don't count your chickens..."

BFAA President Gary Grant cautions that since we have not seen the final wording of the bill, folks should proceed slowly. Even if approved by the House, cases will still need to be individually adjudicated, and even if money is awarded, we have seen exorbitant tax bills follow in April. So, celebrate, but do so carefully

We'll see how it shakes out, but those involved appear to be skeptical.




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